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ADAvote + OnChain 3d Swords
ADAvote - is a free to use platform to help interested parties host their own on-chain vote.

  • With a single sword you get access to host your own voting platform.
  • You specify a list of policies and per-policy limits
Want to host your own vote? To start - you need a sword.
Visit the "Your Swords" link at the top.
Select a sword number to set-up the corresponding vote platform.
Enter a list of policy IDs and check - Request Snapshot.
Enter an optional per-policy limit (limit any policy to this many votes per wallet, ie: whale protection).
After the snapshot is uploaded by our batcher, your users will interact with our dapp to cast their vote.
You can see a real-time list of who voted and vote count on your management page.
Each stake key is limited to casting their vote only 1 time.
Votes are cast by the user sending ada to a wallet set-up for you.
During setup you are expected to send some amount of ada to cover fees to return their ada.
It's the responsbility of the vote host (you) to provide ada to cover transaction fees to return the users vote.
We use batching to try and save you on fees. At most, 1.5 ada is sent for each participant to cast their vote.
Some risk of lost funds should always be expected, however:
We take our position seriously and will do our part to ensure a safe experience and secure platform.
In the event of natural disaster or power failure at the control server, a delay may occur in refunds.
We have multiple backups and will activate a redundancy option as needed.
This is a low risk platform, not a financial tool, the intentions are to register
intent on a public ledger which can be verified by interested parties. We support transparent voting.